Космополитизмът е философия, ценности, принадлежност, идеал, стил на живеене и още…


е публикуван в излезлия наскоро сборник с доклади от Международната конференция на Софийски университет

 Abstract. This paper examines a less commonly used concept in organizational and cross-cultural research – the cosmopolitanism and traits of cosmopolitan employee and manager as well. These concepts become significant in the context of work of transnational experts and professionals in global digital transformation today. Cosmopolitan identity is described based on review of literature on social philosophy, cross-cultural management, organizational ethics, and international human resources management. It is defined in conceptual framework of belonging and otherness in organizational perspective. The connection of cosmopolitanism with organizational ideologies is shown, in particular, in the formation of „excellent employee“. The features of a worker with cosmopolitan thinking are outlined as cognitive structure and socio-cultural attitude. The cosmopolitan figure in organization is seen in their negative and positive traits. Cosmopolitanism is revealed as a component of social and cultural capital. The common understanding that cosmopolitan identity formation is primarily a personal aspiration and rejection act of national identity, as well as the prevailing vision of „primacy and superiority“ of local identities and underestimation of cosmopolitan identity, are problematized. This study insists on their comprehensive consideration.

Keywords: belonging, otherness, transnational professionals, cosmopolitanism, social and cultural capital, cross-cultural management.




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