When the conferences were live 5

Тhe University of Tartu in Estonia hosted Consumer Education seminar under the CiCe project fifteen years ago.CiCe is Socrates project “Children’s Identity and Citizenship in Europe ́s Thematic Network” coordinated by London Metropolitan University. I was national coordinator of the project in the years 2003-2005.

Here we are with my wonderful colleagues Christine from Paris, Maria from Barcelona and Edgar from Tartu. I was in charge of the Consumer ethics module in this project. We did a good job. We also learned about cultural differences, as well as how to overcome them in the course of real teamwork.

The University of Tartu really impresses with its Western academic intimacy and research atmosphere.

When the conferences were live 4

My first participation in the World Congress of Bioethics was in Jerusalem, January, 2015. This forum gives a lot to anyone who is involved in applied ethics. The papers, presentations, and discussions in the sections Ethical Education, Bioethics General, and Cross-Cultural Bioethics are particularly stimulating for me. Unfortunately, the covid pandemic twice delayed the next … Read more